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November 2, 2020


Mischa Gelman

Thanks! I made the updates accordingly.

Gary Ashwill

Hi Mischa, thank you! And yes, I think you are right--Victor Greenidge in 1941 with the NY Cubans would be the first Panamanian major leaguer. Oscar Levis grew up in Panama, but he was born in Jamaica.

Mischa Gelman

First off, congratulations on your winning the Chadwick Award. As a long-time reader of your blog and utilizer of your research, I feel it is well-deserved.

Secondly, I used some of the information from this page to update Baseball-Reference's list of first major leaguers from various countries -
but was unsure who the first Panamanian major leaguer would be now. Is it Victor Greenidge or is someone before him (or several someones)?

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