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June 11, 2020


Bill Mullins

Other baseball influenza deaths (not Negro):

David Roth 10/12/1918 - minor leage Baltimore Birmingham Memphis
Thomas Reilly 10/18/1918 played StL NL and Cleveland AL
Leo McGraw 11/14/1918 - minor league
Larry Chappelle ~11/8/1918 at an Army camp near San Francisco. Chicago White Sox, Boston Braves
Silk O'Loughlin ML Umpire 12/20/1918
James O'Rourke 1/8/1919 various 1872-1893
James J. Hall 1/20/1919 Minor and Intl League
Jake Felz 1/27/1919 played Jersey City in Intl League
William Yawkey (owner Detroit) 3/5/1919. Accompanied by Ty Cobb when he died.

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