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October 3, 2018


Tanya Kilner

Hi, I came across this when doing a search. I’ve never heard of this man, but just wanted to say that Amos DaCosta Levy is one of my ancestors. He was not a black man, he was a white, yes Jewish, man. Was this man’s mother black? I’d have to assume so. Amos had two wives that I’m aware of,, first, my relative, Rachel Henriques, also white, then Adelaide Wheeler, who must have been black as her descendants are mixed. I don’t know who Theodocia is, a 3rd wife or relationship maybe?

Joshua Stringer

This is my Great Great uncle. My maternal grandfather is the son of his brother Eric A. Levy. I can answer a few questions about Amos and his family linage as well as the Forman side.

Noam Freedman

I collect Jewish Ballplayer cards, and am fascinated by the fact that his last name was Levy.

There has been a small Jewish population in Jamaica since the late 1400's....is there any information about his father's background?


Rose Phillips

Great Article,
I am a gran Niece of Uncle Oscar Levy.
He was born in Jamaica, August 7 1898.
His mother yes was Theodosia Foreman, and his father although not named is Amos Dacosta Levy.
Rosie Phillips


yes. it is correct about the last year played in Cuba. Levy then came for some days to Panama and was include in a national team to played against a canal zone stars.

this is very similar for Charlie Pescod who played for Panama's team.

Gary Ashwill

Very cool. Levis last played in Cuba that year on Feb 25, 1923, for Almendares vs. Marianao. His first league game for the Cuban Stars was on April 30, 1923, in Baltimore against the Black Sox. Presumably he returned to Panama for a couple of months after the Cuban League season ended? I haven't found him on any passenger lists in 1923.


Oscar Levy played for Panama baseball team in 1923. Star & Herald newspaper monday april 2, 1923.

Gary Ashwill

John--fantastic, thanks! I had checked the Jamaican civil registration records at Family Search, but couldn't find anything. As it turns out they had him listed as "Oscar Joseph" (with Joseph as his surname), with no mention of Levy, and had transcribed his mother's name as "Theodocia." Should have been more persistent. Update added above.


Hi Gary,
Good to see the great (to me at least) Oscar Levis get some attention. Years ago, I wanted to write up his biography as the first great Jamaican ball player. You should also look at the Jamaican Birth Registry on the FamilySearch (Morman) Site. You can actually track Oscar's Family through that Registry. If I remember right, it actually has Oscar's birth certificate or Registration there too (and he was born in 1898 not 1899). One other interesting thing: Oscar was a great and famous pitcher in Panama before he came to the States. I always wondered what he was doing from 1919 to 1921. His listing of the Shipyard on the WW1 draft card always seemed significant. A lot of these shipyards had baseball teams during the war. But maybe not. I'd love to know if there was an obituary published for him in Norfolk. From Jamaica to Panama to New York to Norfolk (probably some connection to his wife's family) was quite a journey in those days.

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