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April 24, 2018


Gary Ashwill

Yeah, after due consideration I agree it's Fats Jenkins. The facial expression is one that's not duplicated in other photos of him, and he's also much younger in this picture than in most images of him.

Bob Poet

Agree with Cabeb on all counts. I'm no expert, but it sure looks like the same man to me. Especially the ears and the way they are placed on his head. That's a tough thing to match if it isn't him.

Sidebar: Whatever happened to "Big Fats" Jenkins? Did he play any ball?

Stephen V. Rice

Hmm, I don't know why your email to me bounced back, but thank you for your post. I think the Harrisburg photo is another player because the shape of his face seems narrower and longer, with a longer jaw, even after taking account his smile.

Steve Rice


Based on Hake's Auction, picture was taken in 1925.

Did a quick search on Seamheads, there were 4 recorded lefties on the 1925 Harrisburg Giants:

1B Ben Taylor (5'11)
CF Oscar Charleston (Gary mentioned as 5'8)
P Willie Gisentaner (5'9)
P Wilbert Pritchett (no recorded height)

Charleston also played in 1924 for the Harrisburg Giants, maybe the photo was wrongly dated. Lefties on that team apart from Charleston:

1B Edgar Wesley (5'11)
P Fred Bell (no recorded height)
P Jim Jeffries (no recorded height)

I would start looking for pictures of those guys to see if they match the Hake's Auction "Fats Jenkins".

Caleb Hardwick

I think the smile, the lighting and the lines of his cheekbones are desceptively making his nose look wider than it actually is. The jawline might be an illusion of angle. Otherwise, it looks like the same person to me. (Though I've not had a good track record with photo IDs, so don't quote me).

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