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September 4, 2017



I love My Cleveland Sports and Im glad they They made an effort in the 40s to try to Help African americans to achieve the Big Leagues in the Baseball &Football world With the Browns.

Gilbert P. Gia

In the late 1930 Bakersfield (CA) African-American baseball teams played against white teams here and in Taft. Charles "Chops" Lawrence was the manager and first baseman. Bakersfield Californian September 26, 1938: “Cubs Win Game in 14 Innings”
“In what was called the best baseball game seen in Bakersfield this year, the Colored Cubs scored a thrilling 4- 2 victory over Coca-Cola in a bitter 14 inning battle at recreation Park yesterday afternoon.”

Gary Cieradkowski

Excellent article, Gary! I came across that same article a while ago and was planning on writing a piece in my magazine with it - you beat me to it! Great job, and as always, I'm looking forward to your next post.

Gary Ashwill

My point here is not that black players were more exploited by their team owners, relatively speaking, than white players. Profit margins were generally not very high in the Negro leagues, so that would be a pretty iffy proposition. I just want to show how much the best of the Negro leaguers, the Charlestons and Lloyds, lost financially due to the color line.

Richard Hershberger

Of course the other side of the equation is club revenues. Were the negro league players being exploited, or was there simply not much money in negro league baseball? I have no idea which it is. In 1880s major league baseball, which I know much better, it depended greatly on which franchise was under consideration. New York and Boston and Chicago could be wildly profitable with payrolls that were nearly breaking Pittsburgh and Washington.

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