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February 6, 2017


James Tate

When was researching to do a book on Louis Santop I was informed by who I do not remember that the Santop collection was given to his friend Bill Yancey. I contacted Yancey family members and they did not know much about it but they thought that when the Hall of Fame looked like it might start accepting Negro League Players after Ted Williams Speech that Bill or Perhaps his Wife willed, gave or left the collection to the Hall of Fame. We may never know. I can say that for the last dozen years of so rare photos and items related to Santop appear to pop up out of nowhere from time to time.

Steven Greenes

A number of the 1930-32 Harrison Studio Postcards, which is the only known set of Negro League cards issued in the United States during the Negro League era, also came from the Santop estate. See OLD CARDBOARD # 31 Spring 2014 article on this set. Since these showed up at auction as well, someone must have them. I can only imagine what other amazing items could be among Santop's possessions.

Caleb Hardwick

It's fascinating to think that a treasure trove of items may be out there somewhere.

I suppose one could try to trace the origin of the Hake piece and see if there are more in the possession of the original source.

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