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December 16, 2015


Gary Ashwill

And on Pop Andrews--yes! I just checked, and found several references to him as a southpaw in 1916, when he and Grant Johnson joined Pop Watkins's Havana Red Sox in Watertown NY.

Gary Ashwill

Albert, with regard to Billy Holland, I've had the same thought. I'll look into it some more. As for Mike Brown--yes, I strongly suspect it is Mike Brown in the '06 Royal Giants photo rather than Harry Brown. I'm actually working on a post that will explain my thinking--it should be up today or tomorrow.

Albertr Flannery

I was wrong in some places.The photo of Mike Brown in Seamheads database looks like the man in the middle of the second row in the uniforms picture.The photo of Al Robinson in Seamheads database makes me think I was right saying Al Robinson is standing third from right in the same photo.I have heard Pop Andrews referred to as "Lefty" Andrews.Perhaps he is seated on far right in the same photo.

Albertr Flannery

Ever since I read James Riley 20 years ago I have believed Billy Holland was a southpaw.I think he was actually right-handed.Seamheads has him playing 6 games at third base and one game at second for Brooklyn in 1906.Also 7 games for the Chicago Unions in 1897.In the photo of the Page Fence Giants above,Holland is holding a baseball while his hand rests on a teammate's shoulder.He is holding the baseball in his right hand.

Gary Ashwill

Yes, Nat Strong booked the Royal Giants games in 1906. He wouldn't take over ownership of the club until 1913. Caleb, if you send me the Milliner I can post them for comparison--thanks!


This was Nat Stong's team, right?

Caleb Hardwick

Regarding Milliner, I agree with the identification of him in the Suits image. I'm less certain about him in the Uniforms photo. If anyone is interested in additional comparison, I have two additional images that I believe are Milliner.

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