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February 19, 2015


tony oliver

Thanks for the wonderful research. I am considering writing his SABR bio entry and this is quite helpful!

Nikki (from 2017): if you are reading this, I'd like to ask you a few questions


Thanks for writing this! I am the Great Granddaughter of "El Gacho" Torres. I was doing some research on him and I found this. This is wonderful. I will share this on fb for my family to see.

Gary Ashwill

There were two sources for these games--the Afro-American (posted here) and the New York Age. The New York Age is the one I (mostly) followed for the second game, and it has Gacho going 0 for 1 rather than 0 for 2. (I also followed the Age in giving the two centerfield putouts to Gisentaner rather than Gacho.) OTOH, I mostly followed the Afro-American for the other game, because the Age's box score for that one has some serious problems.

Mischa Gelman

It looks like he was 0 for 5 in his two Negro League games from the box scores you have posted, but Seamheads lists 0 for 4. Any reason for the discrepancy?

Scott Simkus

Terrific stuff, as usual. And congratulations on the new look at the blog! Terrific!

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