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July 24, 2014


Mela Kircher

I'm researching James H. Chavous who died in Marysville Ohio in 1942. He was described as "a truly great baseball player of his day." I see the 1897 roster contains a James Chavous who played 2nd base. Any leads or info on this man would be appreciated. Thanks.

james e. brunson

Arnett's father appears to have been a "bishop," and somehow associated with the school.

Gary Ashwill

Yes, "Arnett" is probably the most distinct of the names, on the left. On the right I can see something that looks very much like "Collins"--I guess it could be Gillam, but it really does look like an "o" to me.

james e. brunson

Wallace also played on the 1898 team...

james e. brunson

Gary, Here is an 1897 roster.... faintly, I see one of the player's on it... "Arnett."

Wilberforce University (Xenia, OH)
Bryant, p
Rufus Gillam, c
Harry L. Gillam, 1b
James Chavous, 2b
Benjamin Arnett, ss
Percy Yates, c
Langan, ss
Smith, lf
Hopkins, cf
Williams, rf
Morton, 1b
Campbell, p

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