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February 12, 2013



Harding Family, I am doing some research on Halley and would very much like to connect with you. I am leaving my email here so you may (hopefully) reach out. Thank you, Adam Epstein. adamscottepstein@gmail.com


I just found out about this site at a Harding family gathering (Nov.19th 2016). Many of Halley's relatives were there including me (Grand Nephew). His niece and nephew from two of his sisters are still living (both in their 70's). They had tons of info. about who we knew affectionately as :Uncle Claire". Thanks for this great article. I knew he played in the Negro League but was not aware of many of the other things in the article.

Gary L. Hubbard

Hello i am wondering about my family, i don't know if this is the way to go about it, but my dad who my grandmother told me about was halley harding,i live n Wichita Falls,Tx. for the past 20yrs. I would like to find out if this connection may be of some truth?

Gary Ashwill

Renell, thanks for writing. I'm in touch with someone who's working on a documentary about Kenny Washington, and he's very interested in finding family members or anybody who knew Halley Harding--if you're interested email me (at the "email me" link in the upper right hand corner).

renell gonsalves

Halley was married to my grandmother from the early mid-50's to the late-mid 60's.
Her name was Ruby Hobson from Chicago. I caught my only fish with Halley when I was about 5 yrs. old in Fox lake.

college football

He is a totally all around athlete. I hope I can see Halley Harding in this generation.

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