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December 21, 2012


John Thorn

Yup, the photo was taken at Fleischmanns on the day of the game referenced in "Mangled Forms," August 10, 1903.

Gary Ashwill

Thanks for the information on Abbott! No idea when the Cuban Giants photo was taken, though I can ask John. It does look like it could have been at Fleischmanns.


The pic of Abbott is very interesting. It seems like there is something wrong with his left eye. By the way, the 1903 Cuban Giants picture is fantastic. Was it taken on August 10? The background certainly suggests that it was.


Abbott = James (Jim) Isaac Abbott, born 12/15/1884. In December of 1923, Abbott accidentally shot and killed a man in Pittsfield, MA (where he seems to have made his home). Interestingly, his WW1 draft card notes that he had an eye injury that could disqualify him from serving.

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