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May 3, 2012


Camisha Guy

I am a great great granddaughter to Moss. I would love any information I can get

Edwin Atkins

Kathy Teasley please contact me at [email protected].
I am the grandson of the State Prison in Milledgeville GA. I am collecting history on Eula and please join our Facebook group Georgia State Prison Farm and Cemetery.

Edwin C Atkins

My great grandad was the Chaplain at the Georgia State Prison and was with Jim when he was electrocuted. I have a typed list with his name on it. Rev. Edwin C Atkins, we have a FB page plus a group Georgia State Prison and Cemetery. Please join us.

Kathy  Teasley

On the murder conviction, there was a death bed confession by another man. I was helping my grand mother take care if Eula when the sheriff came to tell granny of the man's confession. Of course Eula was bad with dementia and died that same year. Her husband as well as Jim both were executed.. this is a really said story..

Gary Ashwill

Michael, this is pretty much everything I know about your great-grandfather's baseball career. If I come up with anything else, I will post it here. If you think anything in the letters you mentioned would be of interest, I'd love to hear about it. What a marvelous thing to find! Good luck with your research.

Michael Hammonds.

I enjoyed reading this about my great grandfather. I know very little about it. I've only heard rumors and fanciful stories about him playing baseball from older ones in the family. I did know my great grandmother Bertie.We all called her mama Bert. I am 57 years old. I am the first great grandchild of James Hubert Moss. And my mother was the first grandchild by his son Franklin. Thank you for the story. I have been doing some personal research myself even locating some letters possessed by the family that he wrote the year before he was executed. I do consider these as personal property of the family..But I would like to know more about him playing ball.

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