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March 23, 2012


Gary Ashwill

Dan, for my thoughts on precisely this question see the next post in this series:


Dan O'Brien

I maintain an open mind but I'm still not convinced Waddell and Foster ever faced each other. Yes, Dryden was "one of the most famous baseball writers in the country" but he was a self-proclaimed baseball humorist. His writing cannot always be taken literally. He often exaggerated or fabricated in the name of humor, particularly where Rube was concerned...look at the final paragraph of the posted article. Yes, it is POSSIBLE Waddell was Wilson. But, Charles Dryden as the primary source is far from proof positive.


"The address given for Olympia Field (135th St. and Lenox Avenue) was only a long block away from the address later commonly given for Olympic Field (136th St. and Fifth Avenue).."

Gary - I'd guess maybe a typo and should have been 145th and Lenox Avenue, which was often called the Lenox Oval?

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