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July 21, 2011


David Ball

Would the Cuban League not have been fully professional in the usual sense, rather than semipro? I know that, way back in the 1870's, "semiprofessional" was used to designate any team outside the National League. The specific examples Sporting Life gives do seem to refer to genuine semipro teams, though.

One thing still seems a little odd here. Nothing in either SL article suggests that the semipro teams were granted reserve rights, and it's implausible that they would have been. Therefore, if Comiskey wanted Padron he could probably have saved himself a thousand dollars by just waiting till the end of the season and negotiating with him as a free agent. Looking at the bb-ref list of transactions for the period, I get the sense that a thousand dollars was a rather small sales price for the period, but it wasn't a negligible figure on a balance sheet, and probably Padron was not such a hot prospect that Comiskey would feel it necessary to lock him up before he got on the open market. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

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