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June 24, 2011


David Ball

I am a lot fonder of Anson than most people are, though I'll admit it probably helps that I didn't know him. But look at the old boy go, 54 years old and still playing errorless ball at first base. Go, Anse.

Probably Anson's leadoff hitter is Walter Eckersley, a great University of Chicago quarterback and later a prominent Chicago Tribune sportswriter.


I can't seem to find the reference right now, but I'm almost sure I've seen acounts that Anson was a bit hard up economically in the 1900's and he resorted to several different ways to play upon his fame to try to make some money.

Scott Simkus

Nice find, Gary! I'd been poking around for a couple years, trying to find an Anson appearance in the Chicago league. I'd agree with 3, eventually Green becomes more important than Black and White.

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