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January 16, 2010


Bill Mullins

From the _Philly Inquirer_, 2/25/1902 p 10.
Ed Wilson, the crack pitcher and outfielder of the Cuban X-Giants of last year, has decided to cast his fortunes with the Philadelphia Giants this year, and this twirler will occupy the slab at Columbia Park this season. The personnel of the team as now made up will be as follows: James Robinson, pitcher; Ed Wilson, pitcher; Harry Smith, first base; John Patterson, left field; Kid Carter, pitcher; Andrew Payne, short stop; William Binga [??], catcher; Clarence Williams, catcher; Sol White, third base; J. Nelson, pitcher; Frank Grant, second base; and Joseph Trusty, cathcer. The schedule is now being arranged and all teams desiring to arrange games with the Giants should address H. Walter Schlichter, 28 South Seventh street, Philadelphia. All home games will be played on the Athletic Grounds, at Thirtieth and Oxford streets.

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