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October 15, 2009


Bill Mullins

This page:
http://www.ala.org/ala/aboutala/offices/ppo/programming/pridepassion/files/35%20Section%20One%20layou.pdf has what purports to be a score card from a game between the Pythians and the Washington Mutuals, which it claims to be a white team, on 6/28/1867.

james e. brunson


In earlier correspondence, baseball man John Thorn raised the following question: when is the earliest game that a "professional" white nine played a colored nine?

Randall Brown responded:

Aug. 17, 1877
Providence (white) defeats Washington Mutuals (colored), 8-0; same game that Mutuals manager ran off with gate receipts and left his club stranded.

last item:

Aug. 2, 1879: Nationals (white) defeat Washington Mutuals (colored), 19-6

james e. brunson

St. Louis - Here is a sampling (box scores limited)

Aug. 16, 1875: Black Stockings (colored) defeat Olives (white), 15-14

June 5, 1876: Blue Stockings (colored) defeat Olives (white), 7-4

June 26, 1876: Green Stockings (colored) defeat Picked Nine (white), 4-2

July 10, 1876: Blue Stockings (colored) defeat Olives (white), 16-9

July 24, 1876: Black Stockings (colored) defeat Red Stocking Jrs, 15-3

james e. brunson

Chicago - Here is a sampling (few box scores available)

Sept. 21, 1870: Picked Nine defeats Blue Stockings (colored), 24-8

Sept. 28, 1870: Independents (white) defeat Blue Stockings (colored), 17-15

Oct. 8, 1870: Blue Stockings defeat Independents (white), 23-22

July 11, 1871: Uniques (colored) defeat Alerts (white), 17-16

Sept. 11, 1871: Alerts (white) defeat Uniques (colored), 30-19

Sept. 12, 1871: Uniques (colored) defeat Alerts (white), 24-18

Aug. 9, 1872: Uniques (colored) defeat Alerts (white), 33-4

June 17, 1874: Uniques (colored) defeat White Stocking, Jrs. (white), 9-7

July 1, 1874: Uniques (colored) defeat Garnets (white), 18-9

james e. brunson

Washington, DC - Here is a sampling (some box score available)

Aug. 26, 1878: Eagles (white) defeat Uniques(colored), 5-4

Sept. 20, 1878: Eagles (white) defeat keystones (colored), 16-3

Sept. 24, 1878: Uniques(colored)defeat Eagles (white), 7-5

Sept. 28, 1878: the Nationals (white)defeat Manhattans (colored), 11-1

Oct. 1, 1878: Nationals defeat Uniques (colored), 13-0

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