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September 12, 2009


Gary Ashwill

Actually I think the photo with the baseball field shows the site of yet another housing development called Terrace Village, which was south of the Central Park location between Centre and Fifth Avenues. (The project built on the Greenlee Field & Ammon Playground site is called Bedford Dwellings.) The baseball backstop in the photo is I think part of Kennard Playground, which still exists and has a baseball or softball diamond (though I'm not sure if it's still on exactly the same location as in the photo). Here's a link to another photo of the Terrace Village location:


Gary Ashwill

Thanks, Bill -- the aerial photos are really interesting (I wish they were higher res, though). I'll post the view of the Central Park site later today.

Bill Mullins

This photo:

is the first Ammon field, before the housing project was built.

Bill Mullins


and this


are overlapping aerial photos of the area from 1939, from the Pennsylvania archives website.

Macedonia Baptist Church, which is between the current Josh Gibson/Ammon field and Bedford Ave., is the only building left in the clearing that would become the housing project. Neither the old nor the new Ammon field is visible, nor is there any evidence remaining of Central Park.

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