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August 31, 2009


Gary Ashwill

Hi Dody, yes, that's Eugene Bremer with the Broadview team in the late 1930s. They also brought in Lionel Decuir to catch for him.

Dody Weninger

Hi! I just wanted to add to your puzzle...I bought an old baseball uniform a couple years ago. It was a Broadview Buffalo's from Saskatchewan Canada. The first integrated team in Canada in the late 30's. A quick Google search gives you the details.
A Gene Bremer played for them. He was brought up from the States. Time-wise it looks like it could be the same man.
What do you think?

Bob Poet

Thanks to you Gary and to Alex Painter and James Tate for Owens and the Three Bears photos.

Still believe somewhere out there is a pic of Owens as a West All-Star in 1939.

Gary Ashwill

Hi Bob, you're right--although Owens has always (at least since Riley) been listed as a lefty, it appears that he was a righthander (as was Sarvis). As for their heights, that's a thornier question. The WW2 draft cards for the three (all filled out in Jacksonville on October 16, 1940, just a few months after the photo you're talking about was published in the Chicago Defender & Cleveland Call & Post) list Henry at 5'5", 148; Sarvis at 5'10", 190; Owens at 5'7", 180. (They are definitely the right draft cards, too.) FWIW, Riley lists Henry at 5'4", 135--combined with the draft card it would appear he was probably shorter than the 5'6" listed for him at Seamheads & bb-ref.

Bob Poet

Hi Gary -- I'm looking for a credible photo of Raymond "Smoky" Owens, who was one Bremer's Cincinnati-Cleveland Buckeye teammates killed in the 9/7/1942 auto accident you mentioned.

Seamheads has Owens as a 5'7" 180 lb lefty but the only "known" photo of him shows a taller, leaner right handed pitcher. I believe the photo is from the 1940 Cleveland Bears and the two other pitchers in the shot are said to be Preacher Henry RR 5'6", 140 and Andy "Smoky" Sarvis ?? 5'10" 190. The player beside them, said to be Owens, is taller (and bears a likeness to Doc Gooden, IMHO). An identical photo of Owens is cropped from the aforementioned shot and labeled as Owens while on the 1938 Jacksonville Red Caps, but that's unlikely because Owens, Sarvis and Henry did not play for the Red Caps together or at the same time except for the 1940 Cleveland Bears.

What's especially vexing is Ray "Smoky" Owens was the starting pitcher for the West All-Stars in 1939! In Yankee Stadium, no less! (2nd East-West game that year). And STILL no photo? Hard to believe... gotta be one out there somewhere!

Gary Ashwill

Bremer was also listed with the Louisville Buckeyes pitchers in the Defender in late April. I don't know if he actually appeared for Louisville before showing up with New Orleans.

Bill Mullins

Eugene Bremer (the NL) played for New Orleans Creoles in 1949.

Per Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/26/1949: "Leading lights with the Creoles are Buddy Armour, Al Pinkston, Nathaniel Peeples [Peoples?], Eugene Bremer, Frank Evans, Joe Wiley and Marvin Terrell." [from an article about a Double Header to be played that day at League Park between the Creoles and the Brooklyn Cuban Giants]

An earlier article (6/21/1949) said that Willie Jefferson and Tony Stone were to play with the Creoles, and Len Lindsay and Benny Marshall would be iwth the Brooklyn team.

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