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July 30, 2009


Gary Ashwill

Mike, thanks for posting! I'd love to hear anything else you know about the history of Buena and the Hill family. You can contact me at the email address in the upper RH corner (the "email me" link).

mike long

To whom it may concern:

I am confident that Pete Hill was indeed born in Buena, Virginia in Culpeper County. Buena is a deserted former black settlement that is located on my farm. Many of the original structures remain but are in disrepair. Farms that adjoin mine are owned by the Hill family, a prominent Virginia family led by A.P.Hill, a general in Robert E. Lee's army. Pete Hill's parents were likely slaves on the Hill plantation and would have adopted the Hill name as their family surname as was commonly practiced. After emancipation, they would have continued living in the area, establishing a black settlement known as Buena where Pete Hill would almost certainly have been born.

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