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May 5, 2009



Richard Henriquez married Gretchen Whitney on December 6, 1906. They had two boys, Richard A., 7/4/1909, and Robert Edward, 2/14/1986.

According to Gretchen Delosh's (formerly Henriquez) obituary in the Poughkeepsie Journal from 3/11/1978 newspaper, she died the day prior, and her first husband was Richard A., who died in 1931.

Scott Simkus

Uh, 10-24 is .294...of course...

Scott Simkus

Interesting stuff. If Long Branch was 10-24 against MLB competition (.706), that makes them better than a typical Class D team, but not quite as good as Class A. Makes sense- they were a great Class D team with a number of future Major Leaguers on the roster. I'd be curious to know how many times Luque and Acosta pitched in those exhibitions.

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