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April 19, 2009


Gary Ashwill

James--see part three. I don't think there was a Cuban Giants team in 1882, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence Watkins played for them until 1899. So unless something new emerges I'd chalk it up to a bit of self-mythologizing.

Spike: thanks for the info on Harbison College. I had not yet looked into "Hobson" College, though I'd been intending to. At least a couple of Watkins's players on the H. Red Sox in the late 1910s (Luke Archer and Charlie Allen, iirc) were "Hobson"/Harbison students.

Sandlapper Spike

Enjoy your blog...

I noticed the reference to "Hobson College" and Irmo, South Carolina. Not that it really matters, I suppose, but that's a reference to a school called "Harbison College" (which was actually a primary/secondary education institution). Harbison was founded in Abbeville but due to racial unrest moved to Irmo in 1910. There is some information about the school that can be found at this link:


There is nothing in the link about baseball, though. Apologies in advance if this is too much of a digression.

james e. brunson

Any thoughts on the "Cuban Giants" team that Watkins play for in 1882? The trenton giants had yet to exist.

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