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April 8, 2009



I just came across this page and was happy to see someone has studied these players. Ramon "Paito" Herrera is my Great Grandfather. His son Roberto was my Grandfather who my siblings, cousins and I knew as Bito. We have struggled with the inaccuracies of determining age as well. Unfortunately my Bito passed away in 1984. And as we all know resources such as this page didn't exist then. We didn't have the foresight then to confirm details on him prior to my Grandfather passing. This of course happened in the US as my family immigrated here as may others did shortly after Castro took over. So we have no contact with any of my Bito's relatives. We do have one heirloom I keep. An 8x10 of Ramon shaking hands with none other than Babe Ruth. We've taken care of the photo and its still in relatively good shape. I would love to know more about his playing career. The Cuban history is much harder to track down. We've been able to collect some things that other collectors have been kind enough to share with us.

Gary Ashwill

Anne Marie, thanks for getting in touch! Sure, if you are able to find any documentation about Ramón Herrera that would be fantastic. You can either post here or email me (at the "email me" link in the upper right corner of the blog).

Ann Marie Ceballos

Hello...Ramon Herrera was married to my great grandmother in Cuba. He raised my grandfather from infancy and was known as his only father. He did however have 3 other children with my great grandmother. I could try to verify the dates of his birth or at least his round about ages during certain years to help in your search.

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