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February 21, 2009


David Ball

Nobody's right all the time, and when you express yourself this vigorously you're inevitably going to make yourself look like a fool now and then.

He's really, really wrong about Candy Cummings, too. Peter Morris' fascinating book "Game of Inches" discusses this in detail.

As for his point about Cummings winning fewer games in 1875 than Dick McBride, who Posnarski's never heard of...well, yes, I'm sure he hasn't. I've never heard of many people who are important in one walk of life or another, but I don't take my ignorance as a measure of their significance.

Scott Simkus

Well said, Gary. Thanks.

Patrick Rock

There are times that Joe Posnanski is an absolute poet. And then there are times that he is the north end of a southbound horse. Some of his comments in that article place him squarely in the latter column.

I give Poz credit for taking his own annual BBWA vote seriously, but I wish he wouldn't comment on areas of baseball that he does not know and has never taken the time to research. I'm pretty certain that he still believes that the 2006 Negro Leagues committee was empaneled for no other purpose than to enshrine Buck O'Neil, and that the 17 others were just extras.

It saddens me that someone with such a great love for the sport has never taken the time to find out that for both the 19th century and Negro Leagues, we CAN make statistical comparisons.

FYI, Turkey Stearnes was a remarkably taciturn man who talked to his bats more than his teammates. While we know he was a great player, there really AREN'T that many great Turkey Stearnes stories out there. Poz shows his ignorance of the subject simply by choosing Stearnes as his poster boy.

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