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February 4, 2009



Leafing thru Riley, I see he has an "M. Johnson" playing only 1920, only LF, only Lincon Giants.

Gary - I'll bet you're correct that it's really Monk Johnson, who Riley doesn't have a 1920 team listed for.

Gary Ashwill

"Johnson" might be Howard "Monk" Johnson, also a basketball player, dancer, & well-known dance instructor. His daughter married Stepin Fetchit in the late 30s.


Frall is George Fiall, the Lincoln Giant's good field, no hit shortstop (who was also a standout basketball player in the off-season like Jenkins).


Spot Poles had two hits, maybe a walk, and a stolen base.

Doc Wiley Catching

Jules Thomas at 1st base I think.

Who is Frall?

Which Johnson in LF?

Sam Mongrin at 3B.

Looks like Lincoln had 5 very good players plus Williams, but with Williams batting 6th, maybe not much else in the lineup that day?

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