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December 3, 2008


Patrick Rock


It's 33 F in KC right now. We're expecting a cold, snowy winter, but it hasn't hit yet. And as long as there's interlibrary loan, I can still make it to la bibliothèque locale.

Yeah, "Lost Island Giants" could be the name of a band as well, though it should more properly be "Bingo and the Lost Island Giants" if they want to tour with the other two. Rehearsals start on Monday.

It's gonna be a lo-o-o-o-ng winter, I'm afraid.

Hey, did anyone notice that the Giants' second baseman was named "Rabbit"?

Scott Simkus

Ha! Patrick, it's like 5-degrees here in Chicago, zero wind chill and it's only December 5th. I don't think I'm getting out anytime soon. I'm afraid this internet baseball stuff is only going to take a much more gruesome turn for the worse. The Lost Island Giants, Bullet and the Wreckers and Cool Papa and the Bell Brothers should think about touring...

Patrick Rock

Scott, you definitely need to start getting out more often.

Sadly, I've inadvertently come up with two great names for garage rock bands while discussing Negro Leagues research.

"Bullet and the Wreckers" (talking about Rogan's time with the 25th infantry);


"Cool Papa and the Bell Brothers" (when discussing the Compton Hill Cubs, Cool Papa Bell's first known team, which had four of his brothers on its roster).

Okay, we both need to get out more often . . .


Scott Simkus

I want dibs on using "Lost Island Giants" as the name of a ballclub in my work of baseball fiction. I mean, Lost Island Giants, come on... that's awesome.

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