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October 31, 2008


Gary Ashwill

Thanks, guys. I had noticed that this case was sketchily covered in the papers I've seen, unlike, say, the murder of Bacharachs' owner Barron Wilkins just a year before (and the trial of his killer, who went by the street name of "Yellow Charleston"). Haven't checked the New York Age yet, though.

Scott Simkus

Link address should be amuchli, not amudhli. sorry, gents.

Scott Simkus

There's an excellent link on Kyle McNary's site (pitchblackbaseball.com) about Brown's potential whereabouts after the murder. Apparently he was pitching under an alias in the upper midwest and great plains, and the article has some stats and game accounts. Try McNary's site (Dave Brown profile), or this link http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/amudhli/Pipestone.htm Hope this works, it's worth reading.

Brian McKenna

It's interesting that a Chicago Defender article, "Gunmen shoot down man at his doorstep," dated 5/2/1925 (three days after the New Amsterdam article) makes no mention of Brown or the ballplayers.

Scott Simkus

Based on a quick glance at google.maps, street view,it appears the site of that infamous murder is now the entrance to Harlem Hospital

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