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October 1, 2008


Albert Flannery

Oops!I meant to say I have NEVER seen a photo of Augustus James!Sorry about that.

Albert Flannery

James Tate-On July 6,1911 Santop hit 3 home runs for the Philadelphia Giants.The box score shows Willie James was his team mate.Gus James played in the same game for the opposing Brooklyn Royals.These are clearly two different players.Where is the photo of Gus James?I have seen a photo of him. I have seen many of Willie"Knux" James

James Tate

I was reading thru Sol White's Book and found a Willie James mentioned in it.

I have also seen a photo of a Augustus "Gus" / "Nux" James as a catcher while a young batting Louis Santop stands in.

So I think it might be safe to say that the guys full name was William Augustus James, but that is a guess.

Albert Flannery

Peterson said Gus james and Knucks James were two different players. Riley and Holway said they were the same man.The database says they were two players Knucks was 2b-3b Gus was catcher.Knucks played for Brooklyn Royals in 1907, but joined Philadelphia 1907

Albert Flannery

I would like to congrulate you on Negro League data base and respectfully point out a possible error. This is about Knucks James and Gus James. I do not believe the player with Brooklyn Royal Giants 1908 in Cuba is Knucks James. Figueredo identifies him as Gus James

Scott Simkus

Awesome stuff, Gary. I'm certain most of you know this already, but one of the fun things to do (thanks to technology) is use Google Maps for a virtual driving tour of the neighborhoods where these players lived and worked. With the "street view" feature, you can "see" the buildings they called home, then take a spin around the neighborhood.

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