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October 22, 2008


Gary Ashwill

Thanks, Bill--interesting stuff.

Bill Mullins

From Google Books, it looks like Henry and Charles W. Halper lived there in 1907. From Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, (if I'm reading them right), the lot was vacant by 1939.

An article in the NY Amsterdam Star-News, 6/7/1941, says that a Mrs. Gwendolyn Wallace lived there.

T. Greenberger, age 1, died at that address 8/30/1902, and E. Grunberger, age 1, did so on 8/26/1902 (both per NY Times).

On 9/2/1924, S. Benjamin Walker of that address listed several properties for sale in the area (NY Amst News)

Anna Williams of that address got into a knife fight, reported in Aug 13, 1938 NY Amst News. Four pages later in the same paper, Emily Franklin of the same address was bitten on the right breast by an unnamed assailant.

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