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August 11, 2008




I found his marriage license info (no actual image), but only says "Andrew Foster"

Bride: Sarah Watts

24 October 1909

Bell, Texas


FYI . . . the Illinois death certificate for his little daughter, Sarah (1917-1921), also shows that he was born in La Grange, Texas . . . and his wife in Hubbard City, Texas . . .

Patrick Rock

I have to agree with Kevin that it seems likely that we may find that Rube's name really was Andrew Bishop Foster, though I'd guess that such a name might reflect his mother's or a grandmother's maiden name.

I'm amazed at the lack of true biographical information about Rube Foster other than his baseball career. It's difficult to find any personal details of his life. Most bios carry the standard accepted info that he was born in Calvert and had the same name as his father, yet I've never seen him referred to as "Andrew Foster Jr.", and the bios leave out information on his wife and children (other than his daughter died just before he had his breakdown).

In the 1920 census, Andrew and Sarah Foster are living in Chicago with their two children (son Earl, 9, and daughter Sarah, 3), his sister ("Genive"?), 14, his mother in law, Bell Richardson, and some roomers, including Leroy Grant, 32 and listed as a baseball player. Foster's son is listed born in Texas and his daughter in Illinois.

Has anyone found Rube's and Sarah's marriage certificate? It would seem they married about 1909 or '10 in Texas (not a given, but a guess), and it's possible that he might use his entire legal name on such a document.


Gary, I think the BISHOP name is a great find. Given that his father was a PREACHER, he was possibly at some point employed as a PASTOR (literally meaning shepherd, or overseer of the flock), so BISHOP (literally AN OVERSEER) would be almost like naming a son "Junior" in a way, so it's very possible that Rube's (Rube being almost always a nickname) real name might have been Andrew Bishop Foster.

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