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May 29, 2008


Patrick Rock

You may be right. The guy on the mound IS a lefty, and the cut of his socks is closer to Donaldson in the first sequence than the batter's socks are.

Since it's a silent reel, it's difficult to tell what the intent is, and it never occurred to me to think that it could be "Here is J.D. batting, and here is J.D. pitching".

My bad.

Scott Simkus

Maybe it's just me, but I believe that's actually John Donaldson on the mound, blowing a fastball by an ill-equipped farmer guy in the second sequence.

Patrick Rock

Am I imagining things, or does this clip indicate John Donaldson to be a switch hitter?

In the first sequence, he swings lefty and runs to first; in the second, he bats righty, swings and misses, and the ump raises his right hand (just to be sure that one of the images was not projected backwards). He's definitely hitting from both sides of the plate.

Was he just trying to impress the crowd, or maybe deliberately taking a handicap in this exhibition, or was he actually a switch hitter?

A new mystery, perhaps?

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