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April 24, 2008


John Thorn

Replying to Mischa Gelman's saying on 4/12/08 that Baseball-Reference did have the correct information at the encyclopedia part of their site ... well, they do NOW. They did not have it before I broke the news on the 19cbb list on 11/28/07.


"On a whim, I typed “Stephen Bellan” into Google. Lo and behold, the top mention is from the New York Times archive: in the Times of September 19, 1867, Bellán was listed among the passengers arriving in New York from Havana on board the steamship Morro Castle."

On July 26, 1867, the NY Time reports the departure of the Morro Castle steampship from NY to Havana and lists a B.Bellan among the passengers.
So the note that Gary reports might be Bellan returning from vacations in Cuba. I believe it was in one of these trips that he participated in the foundation of the Habana BBC in 1868.

Brian McKenna

What about Bellan's middle name? The encyclopedias list "Enrique" while his passport application (from 1874) and his registry at St. John's (from 1863) lists the middle initial "B."

Bellan actually first came to the US to study in 1863. That Morro Castle cite is just a return trip to begin school in 1867.


Hello Gary:

Thanks so much for your comments and references to my website.
I first knew about the existence of this documentation of Bellan in a posting by John Thorn (who else?) to the 19CBB listserv of SABR reporting this finding on Nov 28, 2007 after Ancestry.com published this collection of documents some months ago.
Mischa Gelman reports in the comment that BR encyclopedia has the correct birthdate, and its source must be the same source we all have: Ancestry.com
The correct birthdate of Bellan is a new bit of information that none of the publications on Cuban baseball has.
Thank you,

Mischa Gelman

Baseball-Reference did have the correct information at the encyclopedia part of their site:


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