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December 18, 2007


Gary Ashwill

Huh--reading this six years later I see I misread David's comment. Don't know why I thought he was saying "Hick"--the nickname--originated in Cuba.

Gary Ashwill

Thanks! So he became "Hick" in Cuba.

I was reading the Clipper today. There are a number of notes about Macullar and Carpenter in Cuba. Apparently they umpired games not involving their club. After one, according to the Clipper, "The umpiring of Macullar...was the best ever witnessed in Cuba, and at the conclusion of the game he was agreeably surprised by the spectators' unanimous and enthusiastic applause." (Clipper, Dec 6, 1879)

Also, the Feb 7, 1880, Clipper remarks on "the pitching of T[eodoro] Zaldo, who has improved very much under the coaching of Macullar and Carpenter." Zaldo was credited with being the first pitcher in Cuba to throw a curveball, and with his brother Carlos built the original Almendares Park.

David Ball

If any additional proof of the identity of Carpenter and Macullar were needed, the New York Clipper, Dec. 6 1879 (p. 293 col. 4) confirms they were playing for Colon.

In 1889 Carpenter told the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette that he had gotten the nickname Hick in his school days, and "I went to Cuba once, and I thought I would shake the name for a short while at least. As I was walking along the street one day some one called to me, 'Hallo, Hick; what brings you down here?' It was some man who had seen me play a game in Jersey City."

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