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November 7, 2007


Brian McKenna

I'm convinced there are quite a few men who integrated white baseball in the decades prior to Jackie Robinson that go unrecognized today - both in the minors and majors. For example, the following list of individuals played in both the Negro leagues (loosely defined) and the majors (debut in majors listed).

Fleet Walker 1884
Weldy Walker 1884
Rafael Almeida 1911
Armando Marsans 1911
Mike Gonzalez 1912
Jack Calvo 1913
Alfredo Cabrera 1913
Angel Aragon 1914
Dolf Luque 1914
Jose Rodriquez 1916
Ricardo Torres 1920
Jose Acosta 1920
Pedro Dibut 1924
Mike Herrera 1925
Oscar Estrada 1929
Chico Hernandez 1942
Izzy Leon 1945

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