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July 6, 2007


Paul Greaux

Eugene Macalalag " Geno " Espineli, born in Texas but full blooded Philippino.
Pitcher, 2008...
Clay Rapada, presently a pitcher with the NY Yankees is of Phil. Descent...
Tim Lincecum, Pitcher presently with the SF Giants.. Mom is Phil / American... Grandparants from Phil...
Chris Aguila currently playing triple A ball. Marlins...
Brandon Villafuerte ???
Shane Victorino ???
Awesome story about Claudio Manela... The world should know this...Paul Greaux, I study Philippine history...

Gary Ashwill

I have seen a photo in a Cuban paper of the Cuban Stars on the docks in Havana, returning from the U.S. It's not very good quality, though, and the players aren't identified, so I am not sure which one is Manela.


this is wonderful - thank you. do you have a photo of him?

Gary Ashwill

Right, thanks. I knew about Agbayani (born in Hawaii), but not about the other guys. I should have just checked Wiki...

Scott S

According to Wiki, there have been four Filipinos, either by birth, citizenship or heritage... Bobby Balcena (1956 Reds), Benny Agbayani and Chris Aguila.

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