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April 5, 2007


Gary Ashwill

It would make sense that Rogan would be assigned briefly to Jefferson Barracks just before leaving the military--what's interesting is that he was counted by the census there on January 6, 1920. Then later Dave Wyatt writes of Rogan travelling from the west to join the Monarchs in early July.

I wondered at first whether Rogan's presence at Jefferson Barracks was some sort of administrative fiction--maybe he was "officially" assigned while changing units or something, while he was physically still in Arizona? But I think the census would count him where he actually lived...

Anybody who hasn't seen it should check out the detailed investigation of Rogan and the other Army ballplayers in the other posts in this category ("From the Army to the Negro Leagues").


My limited understanding is that Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis was, for most of it's history, often a 'staging' area for the military, where soldiers would be assigned for awhile either at the very beginning and/or very end of their enlistment periods.

Patrick Rock

As best as can be told from fragmentary evidence, Rogan and others were scouted by Wilkinson on advice from fellow Kansas Citian Casey Stengel, but securing their honorable discharges from the Army may have taken some time. Rogan shows up in (IIRC) early June in the 1920 census in an Army barracks in St. Louis. I believe Dobie Moore (and possibly Bob Fagan) joined the club at the same time Rogan did, though it was definitely after the season had already commenced.

Oscar ("Heavy") Johnson, who was also a member of the Wreckers, did not join the Monarchs until (again IIRC) 1922, as it may have taken that long to fulfill his military obligation and be discharged.

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