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April 8, 2007


Gary Ashwill


I don't actually have the full 1923 stats from you--I just have them from the Replay yearbook (which, as I've said before, is great and heartily recommended).

Send them to my gmail account and I will post them here right away.

Patrick Rock


A quick caveat about the Replay yearbook:

First, the book itself is $35 -- it is not a book per se, but a set of cards for use with the Replay Game (which, if you're into tabletop games, is well worth investing in).

While the game itself is another expense (the yearbook is simply a game set, and you need the game itself to play), some of the profits from the yearbook are given to Negro League widows in need, so you'd be helping a good cause as well.

Second, statistics are found only on the team cards, and are printed fairly small. They're there, but small.

BTW, I've been researching Cuban players recently on ancestry.com, and the Cuban Stars infielder known only as "Rigal" was named Manuel Rigal. I found him on a passenger list with most of the rest of the team in 1923. According to the records I've found of him so far, he was born about 1901 or '02 and was from the town of Cueto.



Thank-you for the responses. I will pick up the book and the game (does sound like fun).

If the actual stats were to become available here that would be a nice bonus.


Patrick Rock

So far, the Replay book is the only official source for the 1923 statistics. Those stats were donated to SABR's Negro Leagues Committee as part of the Hall of Fame project. I keep waiting to see what the Hall is going to do with them, as do we all.

Gary, did I make those stats available to you? If I did, have you made them available here? If not, could you do so?

If I did not make them available to you, let me know, and I'll do so.

Michael Webb

Hey Sean.

I'm not aware of Patrick publishing the results anywhere else. I'm a Replay player, and there is a LOT of text to go with the player cards that you might enjoy. And frankly, the game is a peck of fun, too. I highly recommend it.


I've just recently found the site and am enjoying reading the history.

Regarding Patrick Rock's 1923 efforts mentioned in this post. Is the "Replay" book the best source of his work? Will a non-Replay player get actual stats from there or is there another source?

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