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March 21, 2007


Michelle Luis Arrieta

I'm Charlie Luis' daughter. My Dad was from Hawaii and was Portuguese-American. He is a graduate of St. Louis High School in Honolulu, Hawaii and played in the minor leagues mentioned above. He played pro ball in Japan with the Mainichi Orions and toured with the 1955 Yankees while they were toured Japan. If you need any other facts about him, Let me know.

Mischa Gelman

I wrote up a Luis bio at http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Charlie_Luis

Kevin, if you have anything more to add from your contact with the family, please do so.

Gary Ashwill

Kevin, thanks--that might be the explanation for the "Missouri" birthplace.


I think the confusion about being from Missouri may be because he went to St. Louis High School - the one in Hawaii, NOT St. Louis University High School in Missouri.

Mischa Gelman

Luis was a Pacific League All-Star and Best Nine both years in Japan, hitting .277/.336/.438. In 1955, he led the PL in doubles. He also set a PL record for catchers in a season (22) one year. For full stats, check out http://www.japanbaseballdaily.com/foreignbattingKai-Lyttle.html

That site lists him as Lewis and from Missouri, FWIW.


Charles J. Luis also played for Salt Lake City of the Pioneer League in 1947 and Bisbee-Douglas of the Arizona-Texas League in 1948. I'd guess that he may have been a WWII veteran.

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