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January 12, 2007




Has more recent data If you speak Spanish, and are lucky enough to find them active, then you have for more historical data:


(change year at end for different season)


Gary Ashwill

Not for historical stats, at least to my knowledge. If anyone knows differently, drop a line.

Phil Grabar

Are their any easily obtained sources of Cuban league stats from the Castro era? Thanks -


César González Gómez


I have visited your blog several times and its a very interesting place to read original research.

On how the "prizes" worked in Cuban baseball, what I know, is that it was like the Organized Baseball know with several levels of quality.
In the first team of Habana Almendares and Fe played the best players available in the organization, while the lower quality players were distributed in the second, third or fourth team according on their quality with an opportunity to climb the ladder to the first team.
There were also clubs of lower quality in those leagues.

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