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September 25, 2006


Gary Ashwill

Btw, he's the only "Dan Kennard" in the whole 1920 census. And there are only two "Daniel Kennards," both old white guys (61 and 91), living in Pennsylvania and New York, respectively.

Gary Ashwill

I just found a "Dan Kennard," a 24-year-old black male in St. Louis County, in the 1920 census. He was born in MIssissippi. He's listed as a porter in a barber shop, and lived with his wife Bessie, 23 and born in Tennessee, a cook for a "private family."

Obviously, there's no way now to confirm this is him. If it is, he would have quit baseball when still remarkably young--I think 1925 was supposed to have been his last season.

Gary Ashwill

Yeah, I've noticed that Kennard always seems to hit well, too. It's not his parks, either--only most of 1922 was spent in Stars Park.

Gonzalez and Petway's hitting was partly affected by their enviroment (Almendares Park, Chicago's Schorling Park), but it's true that they're not in Kennard or Santop's class.

But virtually nothing seems to be known about Kennard. Riley's entry on him is short, with no anecdotes of any kind.

Scott S.

Dan Kennard continues to emerge as an under-appreciated offensive-oriented catcher, in my estimation. Based just on data confirmed via Gary A., here is how he stacks up versus other deadball era receivers:
S. Gonzalez .231/.323/.287
(162 games)
B. Petway .237/.295/.334
(165 games)
R. Powell .268/.333/.326
(101 games)
D. Kennard .346/.409/.534
(109 games)
L. Santop .349/.423/.524
(63 games)
He's not just better at hitting a baseball than everybody but Santop, he's head and shoulders above them.
What does the board game guy have for Petway and Kennard in 1923? Holway has Petway with a break-out season- .320 and Kennard dropping off to .267. I've yet to pick up his yearbook. Looking forward to the 1920 data, as well.

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