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June 11, 2006


Gary Ashwill

I've written about this series before, in this post about Carlos Moran:

...and, I was actually planning another post about it this week, as I've done a little more research on Cobb's appearances.

Bill Mullins

The 12-25-1910 Galveston Daily News reports on Detroit's (AL) visit to Cuba. They took 7 of 12 games (lost 4, tied 1) against Havana and Almendares. The tour also included a exhibition game between Detroit and the Phil. Athletics in Havana, which Detroit won 6-2 (possibly 8-2, the scan is garbled).

Why this might be interesting here is a statement that Pete Hill, Sam Lloyd, Grant Johnson, and Petway were said to have remained in Cuba after the Leland Giants went back to America, and played with the Cuban teams against Detroit. "It is very possible all four will remain in Cuba until April, playing in the Cuban League, which opens Dec. 26."

The same article mentions that Cabrera, Marsans (sp? bad scan), and Almelda (all infielders) all play for the New Britain team of the Connecticut league in the summer, and play for Almendares during the late fall Major League barnstorming season, and then in the winter Cuban league.

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