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June 8, 2006


Gary Ashwill

Albert, thanks. In 1905 it was definitely "Knux" James with the Royal Giants--I've found a couple of references that are the earliest instances of the nickname I've seen. I'd assume that he continued with the team in 1906. And as far as I can tell, "James" of the Royal Giants does not overlap with "James" of the Cuban X Giants--so on the basis of what I know at the moment, I'd say the 1906 Cuban X Giants guy is Willie "Knucks" James. On the other hand, I'm not altogether certain about 1907...

Albert Flannery

I am a fan avidly following the progress of the Negro League Database.I have a question about the 1906 Cuban X Giants.On Labor Day 1906 the Cuban X Giants played a championship game with the Philadelphia Giants. It was one of the largest crowds to see a Negro League game up until then. I can identify all of the players except one.Batting cleanup is "James,3b".Can someone identify this player? Is it Willie "Knucks" James? Gus James? James Smith? Is it someone else? I really enjoy the database. Thank you.

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