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May 4, 2006


kevin kelly

Kelly I believe my grandfather. His name is Joseph Kelly (1900 - 1967).He played for the 1920 - 1921 J. Tesreau's Bears (r. field, then signed with the NY Yankees.

Thomas Barthel

You might want to take a look at my book on the Bushwicks, out in 2009.
Thomas Barthel

Bill Mullins

Most references to the Tesreau Bears seem to refer to New York -- in fact, they are often called Tesreau's New York Bears. But a 9/10/1921 Boston Globe article and photo is about "Jeff Tesreau's Newport [VT] Bears" -- possibly explaining the New England reference.

The lineup:
Laird ss
Bruce 3b
Bower 2b
Ross c
Maloney 1b
Merritt cf, mgr
Tryon lf
Skelton p
Brown rf
Tesreau p

This article was about them winning the New England Semiprofessional championship by defeating Raymie Skilton's Haverhill Pros.

Bill Mullins

And the 6/10/1921 Philly Inquirer has a box score for a 6/09 game between the Bears and Bridesburg team. Bears lineup:
Tierney lf
Crowell 2b
Cagula cf
Smith c
Cuteo [sic] 3b
Dietz ss
Walter rf
Kelleher 1b
Tesreau p

Bill Mullins

Just found the box score in the 8/22/1921 Sun, with a slightly different lineup:
Walters 1b
Meara cf
Kelly rf
Brown ss
Huber 3b
Edwards 2b
Tesreau lf
Bowman (???) c
Lowman p

plus one more player whose name and position are illegible.

Bill Mullins

The Maryland Sun of 8/21/1920 had a small article saying that Tesreau's New York Bears would play the Dry Docks at Oriole Park (Baltimore) that day. Bears proposed Lineup:
Walters 1b
Brown 3b
Lantzis lf
Simpson ss
Edwards 2b
Kelly rf
Meara cf
Hebblewaite c
Tesreau, Fullerton or Burke p

Gary Ashwill

Mark, the above post is probably the best I can do right now. If you're interested in the Bears, I'd suggest checking out the Chicago Defender, which featured quite a bit of coverage of them in both 1920 and 1921; and also maybe the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, NY Evening Telegram, and possibly New Jersey and Philadelphia papers from those years, too.

Mark Rios

Hey Guys, fit poston this great site.

I am looking for extensive info on the Tesreu Bears and Manuel Cueto such as stats, etc.

Any help...maybe Gary Ashwill...


Mark Rios

Gary Ashwill

I've found 10 box scores for Tesreau Bears games in 1920, against Negro League teams plus Babe Ruth's Stars, from July well into late October, and Meara appears in center field in every game.

Gary Ashwill

I just found "Meara, cf", batting 2nd for Tesreau's Bears vs. Hilldale at Dyckman Oval, New York, July 25, 1920 (in the July 31 Chicago Defender). He got two hits and stole a base, and the Bears won the first game of a doubleheader, 8 to 4. (Hilldale got revenge in the second game, 11 to 1, but there's no box score.)

Gary Ashwill

Wow, that's really interesting. Do you happen to know which years he played for the Bears?

brian meara

my grandfather charles meara who played for the yankees in 1914 played for jeff tesreau's bears and for the treat em roughs after the war

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