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January 12, 2013


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Gary Ashwill

Bob, great to hear from you. What's the date of the game? I'd love to post a box score.

Bob Mayer

Oh, and of course you all know that Jack Chesbro pitched that game agains the X Giants and shut them out 4-0

Bob Mayer

I have owned this photo since 2006 and have had the box scores and all newspaper articles leading up to and after the game. Valdes did not take part, but yes Robt Jordan (who I thin is where you have Valdes, and Danger Talbot were there. Talbot may be the first player standing. PS was happy to see the price at the Hakes auction. I had let them know befor the auction closed that HR Johnson was NOT there.

Gary Ashwill

Phil, if you have all that information, I'd love to see it. Of course it's extremely likely that Ray Wilson is in the photograph, as he was the captain of the team in 1905 and 1906. It's also true that Sol White certainly knew who he was (Ray played for him on the Philadelphia Giants in 1907 and 1908, and Ray succeeded White as captain of that team in 1909). I just think it's rather obvious that he's the second from the left. I've seen one photo of Talbert (with the 1902 Chicago Unions) that *could* look like the first guy on the left (although the one I posted, showing him with the 1909 Lelands, does not), although I still think it's impossible to say for sure.

Phil Garry


If I tell you that I have done 40 - 50 hours of research on this photo, that might be an understatement. I have the box score and write-up of the game played, opposing team and opposing team photo, date of game, etc. The player on the left has to be Talbert and Wilson has to be correct as well. There were two Wilsons that both played 1B for the Cuban X-Giants at that time, Ed & Ray and they have been confused with each other often times. The only uncertainty is the second player from the left, who I believe is William Jackson but could be Jordan as I have no other photo to compare him to.

Gary Ashwill

Phil, thanks. Frankly I think the guy on the far left is not clear enough to tell who he is, unless you or someone else has a better image. The guy in the middle, to the right of Lamar, really can't be Ray Wilson, IMO. He is easily the shortest person in the back row, whereas Sol White wrote in 1929 that "Ray was tall and well built, standing about six-two in his sox [sic]" (NY Amsterdam News, March 6, 1929, p. 8). If that guy is Ray Wilson, everybody else standing would be really tall, and John Patterson would be at least 6'5" or so, which I don't think was the case.

Phil Garry


Great job with the player ID's above. You have the entire front row correct and the two players farthest to the right in the back row along with Lamar. The remaining three are: Ray Wilson (right of Lamar), Dangerfield Talbert (farthest on left) and either Bill Jackson or Robert Jordan (no known images exist like you said) to the right of Talbert.

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